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M3CR Method: A proven framework that has given birth to Ecomm. and other brands on this planet without risking their Bank Balance.

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Who are we + Why to consider us your Online-Marketing Partner?

Drear Business Owners,


Optid Media is the Top-Notch Marketing Agency in the US and Europe. After 7 years of research and analysis, we invented the M3CR method. This method helps to find out customers’ real need and penetrate your products or services’ benefits in the customer’s mind which persuade them to consider buying your products or the services. Knowingly or Unknowingly, M3CR is being used by Giant Brands.

“We aim your Profitability, We aim your Scalability”

In 7 years of career we saw many startups closing their businesses due to a lack of scalability support at a competitive budget.

In these 7 years, the brands partnered with us never regret choosing us because our team always focuses on meeting their expectations. We have helped brands to get Million Dollar sales every year.

Zerouf Ayoub

CEO and co-founder

Babu Sona Ghosh

CEO and co-founder

What can we do for you?

Build an audience

Generating top of the funnel traffic is a long term strategy to attract a constant stream of new customers into your sales funnel

Qualify potential customers

Once a prospect has become familiar with your company, we look at their level of engagement and qualify people based on the actions they took.

Convert traffic into sales

A successful sales funnel is about finding people who genuinely want what you have to offer and removing the barriers to purchase. At this stage, the potential customer is ready to purchase.

Increase in sales

Increase in sales

Increase in sales

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Services Offered

Our digital agency offers a range of content services tailored to meet the needs of businesses in the digital age. Here are some of the services we provide


Our experts design your complete online presence, Sales Funnel, Marketing Strategy to Scale your Business.

Website Development

Get an attractive website that encourages your ideal customer to buy from you. Get a High Conversion Rate.


Marketing is not only about selling products or services. We market to build brands, trust, and Customer Relationships. So, your customers never break up with you.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the most powerful platform to build brand and awareness about your business. Our team is aware of every algorithm of all the Social Platforms


Don't worry where to sell or how to sell, get your personal eCommerce website to sell your physical or digital products. Track Your Business and Boost your sales.

Help & Support

Never hesitate to contact us for any kind of support or consultation. We are dedicated to serving you 24/7. Get Answers to your question directly from experts.

Growth Hacking

We know your business is running; however, do you know your business can be more profitable via an online marketing strategy? Our expert marketers analyze your business's current status and help you to grow the business more profitably

Content Marketing

In today's digital world, content is not just a king; it is a kingdom. Your customers only interested in their problem solution. Our team works for your business to create great and result-oriented content for you that brings more engagement and sales.

Our Process


We start each commitment with an exhaustive review of your online presence and recognize your qualities and what should be improved.


With a clear understanding of your current circumstance distinguish the procedure and the particular products to address your marketing goals.


We will presently start to plan your custom solution and layout the implementation of the products we’ve distinguished for your victory.


At long last, we unleash your new strategy and report the advance, whereas continually optimizing to guarantee your victory.



After the comprehensive improvement stage, we test and approve the execution of the items to create the last alterations for dispatch.


Finally, we unleash your modern methodology and report the progress, while continually optimizing to guarantee your victory.

What Our Clients Are Saying


increase response rate


increase in revenue generation


client satisfaction rating


Let’s get started with our basic

Choosing our digital agency for your content needs offers several advantages that set us apart from the competition:

Best Quality Design

Marketing is all about designing of your product offer and marketing image. We provide high quality and design that speaks and engage more audience.

24 / 7

Marketing is all about designing of your product offer and marketing image. We provide high quality and design that speaks and engage more audience.

Result Oriented Projects

We never take a chance to get failed any business; that is the reason first we do complete market research then create a solid marketing plan that brings more sales to bring J-curve in your Business.

Award Winning Support Team

Our team makes sure you get the desired result in your business. We have a team of experienced online marketers who work with you step by step, and make sure you achieve your goal.

Best ROI Techniques

Being a company, we understand ROI is the most vital part of a business. Our team works hard on this part and make sure you are satisfied with our services by getting a good Return on Investment.

Experienced Professionals

Worry-free about your marketing, our professionals will take care of it for you who have years of experience in marketing.

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